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Rustic Summer

Get ready to meet rustic style with natural tones, naturalness and old-fashioned elements. Add a natural elegance to your style with this collection containing many different tones ranging from broken white to light yellow, from earth tones to sage green. It is now much easier to create spacious, comfortable and stylish summer combos with designs made from linen-containing fabric. The clothes that are decorated with lines combine with the most glittering tone of the sun, making it the perfect duo. Natural textured dresses prepared for lovers of naive and romantic designs carry warm air in the wardrobe. The collection, which is decorated with leaf motifs, is also attracted to itself with its original designs. The pants and blouses in the collection, made up of pieces of light textures, are waiting for those who want a minimal but sophisticated look.


D&B Collection

To tell the collection briefly; we prepared a collection of fun flights, plenty of flywheel and patterned fun capsules for hot summer months. Other parts of this collection of red and white and different tones, including lotus patterns in soil colors, as well as black and white, are highlighted by pink-and-white patchwork models, floral designs and striped dresses with yellow backgrounds, striped panties, poplin blouses and dresses, shirts and t-shirts, furling and moving parts...


Summer Nautical

Are you ready to meet the Summer Nautical collection, which reflects three modes in the summer? This collection of original designs, in which the designs are in harmony with the colors, combines three modes of sea, sport and romance in summer.


Modern Country

A choreography in the light of green, peace and pastel tones. Today we feel the energy of a life cycle in the middle of rivers, trees and pathways.



The Safari collection heralds the summer season as an inspiration inspired by African culture, with motifs and motifs reminiscent of the effects of different geometric and tribal cultures. Jacquard fabrics, beige, brown, cinnamon, black and mustard yellow colors and solar energy reflects on our clothes. Loose trousers and comfortable short-sleeved shirts, double-breasted shorts, casual cut jackets will be the models you can use both in city life and on holiday.



A collection of stylish and comfortable pieces specially prepared for spring and summer, with warm colors. The collection of warm summer pieces of yellow, mustard, cinnamon, brown and black colors combined with cream tones has been featured in both flower and geometric prints. Make a fresh touch to your summer style with a collection of special pieces designed from jacquard fabrics.


Military Chic

The collection, which combines two trendy military and feminine styles that stand out this season; kaki and silk satin fabrics, hakki and navy cotton satin fabrics, satin and satin look fabrics used together with the hakusin consists of. This collection features stitching and flower prints, as well as khaki jacquard floral fabrics. This collection offers stylish and comfortable products to match the military trends softened with different colors.


Modern Stripes

This collection, which includes beige, navy blue and camel colors, is very fresh, combining cotton satin fabrics with cupro fabrics. navy-white, red-and-white colors that create a marine image contains models. The collection is prepared for the summer season with fine models. dark green, pink and a couple of tons of blue for you. In addition to models that will help you get an image that fits into the spring skirts in the collection, there are also finely textured, lightweight cotton trenchcoats that you can use as a complement to your combos.


Garden of Color

This collection gets its inspiration from the vivid colors of the spring and awaits women of all ages who would like to add some dynamism to their style through dashy floral patterns. The collection offers daring designs where vivid and bright colors such as yellow, blue, green and orange are used, and is a blend of classical pieces and modern details. From balloon-sleeved dresses to colorful sweaters, the collection consists of many modern designs, and it also includes classical pieces that have been made more appealing by using neon colors. The collection promises a both modern and chic appearance with the alluring and appealing products it offers.


Upscale Gingham

This collection has been designed for those who prefer a formal way of dressing and have made chicness their style, and it offers a combination of many special pieces with the domination of powerful colors such as black, white and red. This collection includes jackets and skirts designed from tweed fabrics as well as blouses, shirts and trousers that may be combined harmoniously with these special pieces, and it promises a chic and powerful style to the women of all ages. The collection is dominated by the eye-catching spot patterns and bears the traces of Koton’s authentic spirit.


Modern Grid

This chic collection has been designed for modern urban women and it offers many special pieces including plaid pieces, ribbed details and striped trousers as well as blouses with pipe details. The collection has been created using the perfect harmony of grey, white, green and pink and it bears the traces of the romantic and sophisticated spirit of urban women.


Sartorial Pop

Created for modern, urban and self-confident women, It is made up of special pieces designed for those who want to be stylish and comfortable. The collection consists of eye-catching trousers and jackets; stylish and sporty-looking sweatshirt models. Products in which blue, navy blue, yellow, orange, gray, black and white colors are predominantly used; floral prints, eco-labels and many other designs. Products that are driven by ruffles, flywheels and ribbons promise a modern look to reflect the vibrant and vibrant city rhythm.


Rebellious and Daring Style

The pieces in this collection were designed for strong and feminine women by Koton designers getting inspiration from the nature. The collection ranges from coats reflecting the powerful soul of leopards to rebellious looking coats with artificial fur details and romantic floral dresses and it is intended for women of all ages. If you also like reflecting the powerful and feminine aspect in your style, you should definitely check out this collection.


Office Rhythm

The collection consists of pieces with modern details such as floral patterns, collars with artificial fur details, and leather looking parts and it awaits you to add a new air to your office style. You should check out this collection if you want to add a new air, a different energy to your office style through pieces which are both modern and have a classical appearance at the same time.


Returning to Work

A special collection for those who want to make a great start to the new season with pieces which will add a difference to your office style. This collection consists of pieces with a modern stance such as plaids and leather details and you can make a wonderful return to your business life adding a new touch to your office style.Yeni sezonda ofis stiline farklılık katacak yepyeni parçalarla güzel bir başlangıç yapmak isteyenlere özel bir koleksiyon. Ekoseler, deri detaylar gibi modern duruşa sahip parçalardan oluşan bu koleksiyon ile ofis stilinize yeni bir dokunuş katarak iş hayatınıza muhteşem bir dönüş yapabilirsiniz


Elegant and Noble Velvet

The collection consists of a combination of elegant pieces and glamorous details, and it bears the traces of the romantic and sophisticated spirit of velvet. This lively collection that has every tone within the color scale consists of special pieces with which women of all ages may create their authentic style. You should definitely check out this collection to discover the enchanting chicness of velvet.


Modern Colors

The collection consists of flamboyant colors and glamorous patterns designed for women of all ages who would like to add some dynamism to their style. The collection was designed with the authentic fashion concept of Koton, and it includes pieces consisting of a combination of classical cuts. You should also check out this collection if you are one of those who like to create their own authentic style with iconic pieces.


Mystical Flower Garden

Floral patterns are no longer limited to the fashion of the spring. Floral patterns are essential for this season and they adorn the dark colored fabrics creating a dark romance. If you are also one of those who love to show their romantic and feminine side, this collection is just for you.


The Touch of the Far-East

The collection was designed with inspiration from the flowers and ethnical clothes of the Far East, and it bears the elegant but powerful air of Asia. You can also add the elegant air of the Far East to your wardrobe with the collection consisting of many pieces ranging from Kimono dresses to floral blouses.


Radiance of the 80's in the Garments

We go back to the past a little, and we carry the disco style, one of the most favorite trends of all times, to the garments. Blouses, jackets and dresses shine brightly and contribute to your chicness. You may combine these trendy pieces suitable for nighttime and daytime chicness with your white shirts and create a futuristic appearance, and you may also be the radiant girl of the parties with your gleaming shoes.Biraz geçmişe gidip en sevilen trendlerden biri olan disco stilini kıyafetlere taşıyoruz. Bluzlar, ceketler ve elbiseler parıl parıl parlıyor ve şıklığınıza ortak oluyor. Gece ve günlük şıklığa uygun bu trend parçaları beyaz gömlekleriniz ile kombinleyip fütüristik bir görünüm oluşturabileceğiniz gibi, partıltılı ayakkabılarınızla kombinleyerek partilerin ışıldayan kızı da olabilirsiniz.


Striking and Authentic Style

A little military, a little feminine, a little daring, a little elegant … This collection was born out of a mixture of all of these and it creates its own fashion rather than keeping up with fashion. This collection consists of many iconic pieces such as floral skirts, tasselled blouses, shirts with appliques and you can create your authentic fashion using this collection.


Iconic Office Fashion

TThis collection was designed for those who intend to add dynamism to the boring office days with their style and it combines timeless classical pieces with modern details. Pieces consisting of elegant elements and glamorous details have various colors ranging from the perfect harmony of black and white to the most eye-catching tones of pink. You should check out this collection if you love pieces that are both modern and have a classical appearance.